Chef and owner Mehmet spent many years offering tourists culinary tours of his home country Turkey. Introducing many to taste and experience food and culture from the third largest cuisine in the world. Having learned how to make authentic Turkish cuisine from some of the best chefs he felt Southern California was lacking a Turkish institution. Serving everything from köfte (mini meat patties), döner (vertically grilled meat), pide (baked bread boats with meat, cheese or both), Turkish baklava (sweet pistachio phyllo pastry), and many more traditional Turkish items.

What is Koftegi and how do you pronounce is?
Koftegi is an english name that has been adapted from the Turkish language. Köfteci - (pronounced) [kofta]-[G] meaning maker of (ci) meatball (köfte).

  • 3 cooked eggs, 3 kinds of cheese, olives, veggies, labneh, tahini with grape molasses, kaymak and honey, butter & jam, medium zatar & cheese pie & spinach triangle.

  • Satir (hand-chopped) ground beef kebab mixed with red bell pepper, chili and spices flame grilled on a skewer. Served with a side of hummus and a tomato onion salad.

  • Wheat, white beans, garbanzo beans dried apricot figs and raisins pudding topped with Almonds pistachio.

Seasoned char grilled ground beef patties served with hummus, rice pilaf and salad.

Traditional Turkish beef & lamb grilled on a vertical rotisserie and served with hummus and salad.

Our signature bakery items, made fresh and to order it comes served with cheese, meat, or spices.

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    My favorite Turkish food... They bring it out with lemon and parsley. Just squeeze a little bit of lemon and roll it with the herbs inside. Delicious!... It so good!

    Myra G., Honolulu, HI

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    This dish consisted of seasoned ground beef and cheese, wrapped in freshly baked bread. I loved everything about this dish. The bread was served hot from the oven and tasted amazing and went together with all the ingredients. I definitely want to try the other Turkish boats here.

    Arshad H., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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    Highly recommend this place pretty neat and really good service. I ordered which is called Lahmacun and Sac Kavurma . They made from lamb n beef really tasty with rich sauces it was mouth watering actually :)) Just come n try ! Thank you guys I think I found my new place

    Matt J., West Covina, CA